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Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California, is a classic baseball stadium and the home of the Los Angeles Angels. With a seating capacity of over 45,000, it's known for its welcoming and family-friendly atmosphere. The stadium is unique for its stunning, rock-inspired waterfall feature in the outfield, known as the "California Spectacular." Designed by Disney Imagineers, the feature adds a distinct Californian flair.

Architecturally, Angel Stadium combines modern elements with traditional ballpark aesthetics, featuring a grand entrance with giant-sized baseball caps and bats. The field is immaculately maintained with natural grass, providing an excellent playing surface. Inside, fans are treated to a variety of local and diverse food options, reflecting Southern California's rich culinary culture. The stadium's location, close to various attractions in Anaheim, makes it a popular destination for baseball fans and tourists alike.

AL West
April 19, 1966
Home Dugout:
Third Baseline
Visitor Dugout:
First Baseline
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Entry Policy

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Plastic water bottles, up to one liter in size (33.814 US fluid ounces). Must be a "store bought" clear plastic bottle that is factory sealed

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You're allowed to bring in food, as long as it's an individual portion and you're not seated in a suite.

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Angel Stadium prohibits all bags, backpacks and other carriers from being brought into the stadium with the following exceptions (in each case, after proper inspection):

  • - Purses or bags that are 4.5" x 6.5" (approximately the size of an adult hand) or smaller
  • - Medically necessary items, including diaper bags
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