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Oracle Park in San Francisco, California, is an iconic baseball stadium and the home of the San Francisco Giants. With a seating capacity of over 41,000, it's renowned for its picturesque setting on the San Francisco Bay, offering stunning views and the famous right-field wall, "McCovey Cove." The park's design elegantly combines classic brickwork with modern amenities, reflecting the city's unique blend of history and innovation. Oracle Park is celebrated for its intimate and fan-friendly atmosphere, providing exceptional sightlines from almost every seat.

The field features a well-maintained natural grass surface, ideal for baseball. Inside, the stadium offers a diverse array of local and gourmet food options, embracing San Francisco's rich culinary culture. Notable features include the giant glove and Coca-Cola bottle in the outfield, adding to the park's distinct character and charm. Oracle Park is not just a sports venue but a landmark deeply integrated into the fabric of San Francisco.

NL West
April 11, 2000
Home Dugout:
Third Baseline
Visitor Dugout:
First Baseline
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Entry Policy

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Sealed plastic bottles and soft-sided juice containers are allowed in the ballpark.

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You are allowed to bring in outside food as long as the soft-sided container is smaller than 16"x16"x8”.

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Soft-sided bags smaller than 16"x16"x8” are allowed.

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