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Gameday Photos

Wrigley Field

July 9, 2021

The Friendly Confines

It was great to be back at Wrigley. It had been a few years since we made it back, but it was still as wonderful as ever. We went with my sister and her family, and my dad met us there. We normally don't go into the stadium that early, we were in about an hour and a half before first pitch, but it was great to walk around before it got too crowded.

Outside the center field bleachers.

At the right field gate looking towards home.

Looking across the street from the home plate entrance at the Cubby Bear. There's a number of bars and restaurants directly outside of Wrigley.

Side view of the Marquee and the crowds out front. Lot of fans stop here to snap a pic before going in to the game.

A pic looking back at the Marquee.

Looking across the street at the Zachary Hotel.

Gallagher Way has a field where the kids can run around, as well as a big tv screen to watch the game.

There was a band playing before we went in.
A closer pic of Gallagher Way.

The calm before the storm. Not too busy yet, but will get a lot more crowded towards first pitch.

We were seated in the last row in section 212. Wrigley has some quirks because if you're back to far your view of the scoreboards is obstructed and you can see how the posts can get in the way.

Watching batting practice.
Down first base line overlooking the field.

The rooftop seats.

The view from the upper deck.

The press box in the upper deck.
View from behind home plate.

A little more crowded before first pitch, but you have to love the energy there.

Lots more fans. I love the Dawson jersey on the right.

Looking down the third base line from our seats.
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